Clara’s Dream Audition

September 7, 2019



Bay Area Ballet Conservatory will be holding auditions for its December production of Clara's Dream, an adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffman's classic Nutcracker tale, as well as the Bay Area Ballet Youth Company.

Audition | Saturday, September 7, 2019 at Bay Area Ballet Conservatory, Studio 1

Audition Fee | $20 per dancer, non-refundable. (Audition Fee waived for BABYC dancers already enrolled in all BABYC required classes.)

Dancers will need to bring a printed headshot/school photo, complete an audition registration form, and pay audition fee at the audition registration. 

Group 1 | Pre Ballet 2, Level 1A, Level 1B

  • Registration (arrival, paperwork, measurements) 12:30pm-12:50pm

  • Audition 1pm-2pm. Pre Ballet 2 students will be dismissed early from audition.

Group 2 | Level 2, Level 3, Elementary Ballet, Intermediate Ballet

  • Registration (arrival, paperwork, measurements) 1:30pm-1:50pm

  • Audition 2pm-3pm

Group 3* | Level 4A, Level 4B, Level 5, Level 6

  • Registration 2:30pm-2:50pm

  • Audition 3pm-4:30pm. Level 4A and 4B students may be dismissed early from audition.

*For dancers who have yet to make a commitment to join Bay Area Ballet Youth Company, the deadline to decide is September 7. Dancers auditioning in Group 3 can select BABYC participation on their Audition Registration Form, and will also need to register for any remaining required BABYC classes.

Participation Fees & Deadlines

(All fees are per dancer, not per family. Fees are non-refundable) 

$165 | Dancers in Pre Ballet 2

$220 | Dancers cast in one role

$330 | Dancers cast in two roles

$450 | Bay Area Ballet Youth Company - Apprentice - INCLUDES FULL SEASON - Clara’s Dream & Spring Production

$600 | Bay Area Ballet Youth Company - Junior & Senior - INCLUDES FULL SEASON - Clara’s Dream & Spring Production

Participation fee will be due by September 14, 2019. Dancers with unpaid participation fee will not be permitted to begin rehearsals, thus subject to being dismissed from the production. Families in need of a payment plan may contact to make arrangements. 

Bay Area Ballet Youth Company participation fee - Half will be due September 14, 2019 and the remaining balance due  January 6, 2019. Families in need of a payment plan may contact to make arrangements.

Participation fees are non-refundable. Dancers who need to withdraw from any production or Bay Area Ballet Youth Company for any reason (dismissal from cast, illness, injury, family emergency, lost interest, etc) will not be refunded.  Dancers/Families are asked to make a commitment to the Clara’s Dream production regardless of casting. Therefore, casting will be released to dancers on Sunday, September 15, after non-refundable participation fees are paid.

Clara's Dream Eligibility Requirements

Dancers enrolled in a minimum of one ballet class per week at Bay Area Ballet Conservatory. Levels Pre Ballet 2 through Level 6, are eligible to audition.

Dancer must maintain enrollment for the 2019-2020 School Session. Should dancer withdraw from his/her minimum required ballet classes at Bay Area Ballet Conservatory, dancer forfeits role in the production and participation fees are not refunded.

oLIVIA Arabian.jpg

Dancers must be available to attend the following rehearsal / performance dates at BABC

September 21, 29

October 5, 12, 19, 26

November 2, 9, 16, 23**

December 2 - tentative evening rehearsal 5:45-7:45

December 7

December 9 - tentative evening rehearsal 5:45-7:45

**Tentative Clara’s Dream Picture Day, in addition to rehearsals.

Short, additional rehearsals (for soloists and divertissements in Levels 5 or 6) may occasionally be scheduled after their last class during the week.

Participants are urged to strive for perfect attendance and zero tardiness to rehearsals. Participants who miss rehearsals or are frequently tardy are subject to being recast or replaced, at the discretion of the Artistic Director. This includes rehearsals missed due to schedule conflicts, emergencies, illness and injury.

Clara’s Dream performances will be held either the weekend of December 7 OR the weekend of December 14. Please save the dates below as we confirm our venue and whether or not we will be doing one or two performances in a weekend.

December 6 - Save the date - tentative dress rehearsal at venue

December 7 - Save the date - tentative performance date at venue

December 8 - Save the date - tentative performance date at venue

December 13 - Save the date - tentative dress rehearsal at venue

December 14 - Save the date - tentative performance date at venue

December 15 - Save the date - tentative performance date at venue

Bay Area Ballet Youth Company Eligibility Requirements

BABYC is open to Pre Professional Division dancers in Levels 4A, 4B, 5 and 6 who meet or exceed the minimum requirements for their level.


Saturday rehearsals range from 1-3 hours, depending, running from 12:30pm-6pm. Younger participants' in-studio rehearsals are typically one hour in length. Participants cast in two roles should anticipate attending two, one hour rehearsals.

Rehearsal schedule will be kept updated online and posted at the studio. Participants and Families are responsible for frequently checking the posted schedules. Any changes made to the weekly schedule will be made/posted on Sunday for upcoming week. 

Rehearsal times do change from week to week in order to fit in all of the roles learning and rehearsing needs, with exception to dancers who are cast in Chinese (Pre Ballet 2). The Chinese dance will regularly rehearse from 12:30pm-1pm on Saturday afternoons.


  • 12:30pm-1pm Chinese

  • 1pm-1:45pm Angels & Cherubs

  • 1:45pm-2:30pm Pfeffernüsse

  • 2:30pm-3:30pm Waltz of the Flowers - All

  • 3:45pm-5pm Snow Scene - All



What should I wear to the audition? Dancers must wear their level's uniform and hair in a bun. Dancers in intermediate or advanced pointe are to bring their pointe shoes in to the studio - the audition will begin in flat shoes.

I missed the audition - can my dancer still be considered? If a dancer misses the September 7 audition, an inquiry to the Artistic Director may be made no later than September 14.  If Artistic Director determines room in the cast can be found, dancer will be cast on a trial basis, as Artistic Director is doing a blind casting. Inquiries made after September 14 will not be considered as the production will already be cast. For the best opportunity, dancers are strongly advised to be physically present for the audition.

Why is my dancer measured at the audition? Measurements are taken for costuming purposes. 

What happens at the audition? The choreographer teaches phrases from the ballet, then views dancers executing the material. This allows choreographer to view technical ability, artistic ability and how dancers work in a group or individually. The choreographer is also observing the auditioning dancer's ability to focus, pick up choreography and musicality. 

How many dancers will be accepted? An effort will be made to cast all dancers who audition.  Behavior, ability to focus during a rehearsal, age, and ability are all taken in to consideration.  

When will casting be released? Preliminary casting will be released on Sunday, September 15. Participation fees are due Saturday, September 14 and rehearsals begin Saturday, September 21. 

Will the rehearsal schedule stay the same each week? Not necessarily, especially early on in the rehearsal season. Please check the rehearsal schedule every week.

Are rehearsals scheduled by ballet level? No, as the majority of the roles have mixed levels within the scene. Rehearsals are scheduled by scene or dance.

What time(s) are the few Monday rehearsals? These rehearsals are approximately 5:45-7:45 and are held at BABC.

May I view the audition or rehearsals? No, the audition and rehearsals are closed. Parents will enjoy seeing the magic of the end product on stage at the performance.

Are parents required to volunteer backstage? No, parents will not be required to volunteer backstage. However, each family will be expected to volunteer in some capacity. The production will need help in the following areas:

Rehearsal Monitors - In Studio

Rehearsal Monitors - Dress Rehearsal

Build Props

Costume Manager

Costume Aides - Assist in altering/mending costumes

Performance Ushers

 Concessions - Before & After Performance

Marketing / PR

Program Writer

Graphic Design

Load In & Strike - Weekend of Performance