Clara’s Dream Parent & Cast Information

Weekly rehearsals are posted here, updated every Sunday by 8pm. Rehearsal schedules will also be posted on the rehearsal bulletin in the front lobby every Monday.

October 16 Rehearsal Schedule

5:30pm | Run Chinese Soloists after class

October 17 Rehearsal Schedule

7pm | Run Russian after class

October 20 Rehearsal Schedule

12pm-12:30pm | Clara

12:30pm-1pm | Chinese - All

1pm-1:30pm | Spanish

1:30pm-2:15pm | Angels, Cherubs, Mice, Soldiers, Clara

2:15pm - 3pm | Bakers & Pfeffernuesse

3pm-4pm | Waltz of the Flowers

4pm-4:20pm | Russian

4:20pm-5pm | Arabian

5pm-6pm | Macaroons, Miettes & Clara

Upcoming Rehearsal Dates:

October 16, 17, 20, 27

November 3, 10, 17

December 1, 6 (evening rehearsals at BABC)

December 8 - Mandatory Technical & Dress Rehearsal at Terra Nova Theater, Pacifica

December 9 - 2PM performance at Terra Nova Theater, Pacifica

Short, additional rehearsals (for soloists and divertissements in Levels 5 or 6) may occasionally be scheduled after their last class during the week.

Cast is permitted one excused absence before December 1, if submitted at the time of audition. Participants are urged to strive for perfect attendance and zero tardiness to rehearsals. Participants who miss rehearsals or are frequently tardy are subject to being recast or replaced, at the discretion of the Artistic Director. This includes rehearsals missed due to schedule conflicts, emergencies, illness and injury.