Bay Area Ballet Conservatory (BABC) offers ongoing adult dance classes. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a background in dance, we have something for you! Taught in a warm and non-competitive environment, our classes are designed to promote proper technique, build strength, increase flexibility and explore the joy of dancing. 

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Intermediate Ballet


Edgar Lepe


Intermediate Ballet


Edgar Lepe


Intermediate Ballet


Elizabeth Anne Bertolino


Beginning Ballet


Edgar Lepe




Tamara Shuttle


August 15, 16 & 18 | Studio Closed

September 1 - 3 | Studio Closed


Absolute Beginner Ballet Workshop: Designed to introduce the basic positions and movements of ballet, this workshop aims to lay the foundation needed to progress to our Beginning Ballet drop-in classes. This workshop includes thorough explanation of terminology and steps, introduction to basic barre work, as well as center exercises that establish balance, strength, and placement. Gentle stretching exercises are included in each class. Our Absolute Beginner Ballet Workshops are held seasonally.  Once we collect an interest list of a minimum of ten students, BABC will open registration for a workshop. Contact to be placed on our interest list. 

Beginning Ballet: The perfect class for those who have recently completed our Absolute Beginning Ballet Workshop, those who wish to refine their basic technique, or those who have taken a long break from dancing. The class begins and progresses through a simple and traditional barre. Following barre, center includes tendue, jete, basic adagio, basic pirouettes, traveling phrases and small jumps. Petite and grand allegro as well as coda turns are introduced.  Linking steps into larger movement phrases is also workshopped. After one to two years in this class, students often feel ready for our intermediate classes. Experienced adult students en pointe may also join and take as a great pointe class!

Intermediate Ballet: A faster paced class for those who are comfortable with our Beginning Ballet level and wish for more of a challenge. Class begins with a traditional barre. Center work includes tendue, jete, adagio, pirouettes, traveling waltzes, small jumps, petite and grande allegro, and coda turns.  and can move easily through barre and center work. Students continue to improve technique, expand movement capacity, increase strength and improve flexibility.

Jazz: An energetic mixed level class for dancers who have had some dance experience. Emphasis on fundamental jazz steps and sequences. Each class begins with a standing warm up, incorporating balance, coordination, flexibility and strength building. Across the floor variations develop traveling steps and dance styles. Turns and combinations will be taught introducing different jazz styles and music. Combinations are designed to solidify jazz technique while having fun!



How do I know which level of ballet I should try? 

To start, try our Beginning Ballet class on Thursdays. If this class proves to be too much of a challenge, sign up for our next Absolute Beginning Ballet Workshop, which is offered seasonally. If our Beginning Ballet class is too little of a challenge, try our Intermediate level classes offered Monday – Wednesday and Saturday. If you are comfortable with the level of our Beginning Ballet and/or our Intermediate Ballet, you should be comfortable in Jazz class as well! The best way to gain confidence in dance class is to keep coming! 

What do I wear to class?

Acceptable attire includes, but is not limited to: leotards and tights, t-shirts, yoga pants, or leggings. Please have your hair pulled away from your face. Ballet shoes must be worn in ballet classes. Jazz or ballet shoes may be worn for Jazz class. 

What is the minimum age to take open adult classes?

Our minimum age for our Absolute Beginning Ballet Workshop is 14. All other classes the minimum age is 16, unless special permission given by Artistic Director.

How do I know if class is being held during holidays, etc?

Check our “Calendar” tab under our “Adult Classes” menu to view up to date closures, cancellations and teacher changes. Additionally, join our Bay Area Ballet Conservatory Adult Program group on Facebook and follow BABC's social media accounts to stay up to date.

Do you offer classes en pointe for adults?

We do not. However, adults with previous experience are welcome to take our Thursday Beginning Ballet class as a pointe class. If that class en pointe did not provide enough challenge, try our Intermediate classes en pointe. Adults dancing en pointe do so at their own risk.

Where can I buy dancewear?

BABC carries a limited supply of ballet shoes, tights and leotards, available for purchase.

The closest dancewear store is Dance Theatre Shop, located in both San Mateo and Mountain View. View website for address and hours |

Our recommended online retailer is Discount Dance Supply |